About Us

About Us

SANCHEZ Corp. is a family owned business that has been providing SUPERFOODS for over 300 years.  With farms located around the globe, SANCHEZ Corp., is able to provide the best in SUPERFOODS to people in need of natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and proteins.  The SANCHEZ family has farmed every single one of these products and provides extensive knowledge on how to get SUPERFOODS shipped to your country.  SUPERFOODS are an important part of your daily diet.  SUPERFOODS help the body fight off disease and repair the body from head to toe including brain cells and bones.    

Located globally we strive to provide the world with excellent SUPERFOODS!

Ask us how you can create SUPERFOOD Farms!

Please email all inquiries as we are always on location and answer emails when we return to the office.

General Questions: info@thesanchezcorp.com

Sales: sales@thesanchezcorp.com